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Scripture: Dueteronomy 20:5. And the officers shall speak unto the people, saying, what man is there that hath built a new house, and hath not dedicated it ?

Greetings! Dedication means to set apart for a sacred use, and that is what should be in mind when we enter into any building for the purpose of worshipping God and fellowship— ping with one another. In Exodus Chapter 40: Verses 34-38, a cloud covered the Tent of Congregation, and God’s glory filled the tabernacle. The children of Israel did not go on their journey until the cloud was taken up. The cloud was upon the Tabernacle by day pro— tecting and guiding them by fire at night, which shows God not only guides his people but protects as well.

They could not go until God had set them apart. Whatever we offer unto the Lord should be sacred, and the first thing should be ourselves according to Romans, Chapter 12: 1:2, we should present our bodies a living sacrifice, Holy, unto God, and be separated from the world’s unrighteous standards but be changed by the word of God, That we may know what is good, acceptable, according to God’s will. And as we enter this Building that we are rededicating unto the Lord,; Let us very well remember that a dedicated building is for dedicated people.

How will we enter? God Bless You!

Pastor Joe W. Pickett



FounderZION HILL BAPTIST CHURCH was organized in the year, 1876, in Natchez, Mississippi by the Rev. George Lindo. Deacons at that time were William Pheonix, Hamilton Jones and Myles Jones. The Rev. George Lindo pastored the Church until his death.

Records of the Church following the death of Rev. Lindo were misplaced so a complete history of the Church is unable to be given.

ZION HILL BAPTIST CHURCH was located on what was known as the Hill of Linwood Plantation. This plantation was owned by two family members. However, around the year 1930, a disagreement arose between the Pastor of the Church and one of the Plantation owners. There was never a disagreement between the Congregation and the Pastor. The Pastor, Rev. James Drake was barred from the Church by the Plantation owner. For this reason, the Congregation sought a new site. The new site was acquired from the second Plantation owner and is the present site of ZION HILL #1 BAPTIST CHURCH. Services were held in the Society Hall on Lower Woodville Road for nearly two years during the construction of a new Church building. The building was completed and dedicated in 1932. The move to the new site consisted of the Pastor, Rev. James Drake, Deacons Harrison Shaw, Peter McClain, George Minor, Sr., Grant Lewis, Sr., Myles Chiles, Solomon Stokes Secretary - William McDaniel, Treasurer - Kelly Crawford, Janitor - Harry Sims, and 95% of the Congregation.

The Churches were referred to as Old Zion Hill and New Zion Hill. In the early 1940’s, Rev. Parker, Pastor of Old Zion Hill requested that the names of the Churches be changed to Zion Hill #1 and Zion Hill #2. The original Church building which remains on the original site was named Zion Hill #2 Baptist Church. The original Congregation was given the name Zion Hill #1 Baptist Church.

Descendents of the founders and early organizers can still be found in Zion Hill #1 Baptist Church today.

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