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Pastor Pickett and WifeFROM THE PASTOR’S DESK:

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is truly a blessing to share the written word of God and give thanks for all he has done for each of us.

Truly we can say like David, “If it had not been for the Lord on our side where would we be?”  We would be like a ship without a sail.  Each pew, each window, each aisle tells a story and speaks abiding trust in a God who is able.

We are pressing on to higher heights, but we are ever mindful of the road that has been paved and dues that have been paid.  Our message is that Jesus saves to the uttermost and Him all things are possible.  “Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever” (Heb. 13:8)

Pastor Joe W. Pickett


It is a divine blessing as well as a joy to greet you in this 1996 Church Directory! So many new members have united with our church family that a directory was needed.

We extend a cordial welcome to each of our new members and encourage you to become an integral part of this family through your active participation. Our goal is to have every member involved, from our children to our seniors.

It is our purpose to advance the kingdom of our Christ through our three-fold ministry of mission, education, and evangelism. We can do a greater work and be much more effective with total participation.

God has blessed us to enlarge the place of our habitation, to lengthen our cords, deepen our stakes, remodeilexpand this holy temple. In so doing, we experienced manifestation of the Scripture: “Except the LORD build the house!” God has truly blessed the Zion Hill #1 Family!!

Pastor Pickett in Robes - B&WNot only has he blessed us with the temple and all components for our physical welfare, but God has blessed us to lay deeper foundations and build strong bridges through our spiritual growth by study and application of His Word — through Christian education, through our outreach and inreach missions, and through our evangelistic efforts within and without. That is why Holy Spirit indwells us through our worship, keeping us every mindful that this is the church where Jesus Christ is center attraction!

Let us give God the praise, the thanksgiving, the glory! Our prayer is that He will lead us into a new dimension of service, challenging mankind to the realization that Christ is the answer for all the world’s problems and that no matter what we accomplish, it is only what we truly do for Christ that will last! God bless you!

Rev. Joe W. Pickett

Pastor Pickett & Wife - B&W

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